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Complete Air Conditioning System Repair and Installation in and around the Charleston, WV area.

Fan — HVAC Company service in Charleston, WV
Beat the heat with prompt and reliable HVAC services from Pappy's Air Comfort Inc in Charlestown, West Virginia. From air conditioning installation and repair to detailed duct cleaning, we perform a variety of jobs to ensure your comfort.

Long-Lasting Units

Our top-of-the-line ARCOaire 14 SEER air conditioners are built to last. This unit features a galvanized steel cabinet with a high-gloss, appliance-grade paint finish. Additionally, it contains a scroll compressor with a sound blanket which delivers an efficient, durable, and quiet operation. Finally, the 14 SEET high efficiency means you save big on energy bills.

Duct Work

Cut down the amount of dust in your home or office with our comprehensive duct cleanings. We completely deodorize your HVAC system and vacuum all ducts to destroy odors associated with bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, and animals.
Contact us to stay comfortable with our air conditioning installation and repair.